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Hello world!

So here it goes! This will be the first of what I plan on being a daily real estate blog (except for Sunday’s).  Today I will keep it short and sweet (okay, maybe just short).

There is a lot of negative news out there and even more misinformation regarding the real estate market. I hope to clarify some of the misinformation by addressing different news items that might need clarification. Real estate news is usually told from a national perspective but  real estate is not national, it is local. Boise, Idaho real estate is not similar to Florida or California markets. Idaho may be affected by them but they are not the same. Mainly I will address the real estate market in the Treasure Valley area. This is the area that I work in and know the best. Who better to tell you what is going on here than me, the realtor who works here, not the reporter who looked at statistics and came to their own uneducated conclusions. I will also discuss the national market news as it affects the Boise area.

I will post in the beginning of the month, (within the first full week) statistics showing how the market did the previous month and year over year, along with commentary to explain those numbers.

Please feel free comment or to share any of the posts (as long as you cite me as the author). And please go to my real estate website for some very informative info regarding the Treasure Valley area, as well your guide to listings on available homes here!

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