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Boise Idaho- An Active City

In yesterday’s post I told you about my buyers that were from out-of-town. What I forgot to mention was that they wanted to know what activities, if any, were in the Boise area and in what seasons. I told them that Boise had many outdoor activities to do and because we have four seasons there was something to do in each. Well today on the Idaho Statesman website they confirmed what I had told my buyers: that Boise is an active city.

A study done recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked Boise , Idaho as the fifth most active city (physical activity) in the United States. This is not surprising to anyone who lives here. Every season brings new opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

In spring there is biking, hiking, fishing, golfing and any other outdoor sports activity you can think of. In the summer you can raft the rapids or float the river or hit the local lakes and reservoirs for boating, water and jet skiing fun. The fall brings the hunting season into swing and the winter offers skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing at our local ski resorts. (Just a side note: Boise has some real avid fisherman, so fishing is pretty much a yearlong activity!)

An added bonus is that all these activities can be done while enjoying the beautiful surrounding scenery. Whether you are viewing the beautiful mountains from the valley floor or the breathtaking scenery from the mountains overlooking  the valley, be sure to have a camera ready.

Boise is a great place to live if you want an active lifestyle and if you would like additional information as well as pictures of the Boise area please visit my website (no sign-up required):

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