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Random pictures from around Eagle Idaho

I thought I would post some pictures today of just random shots from around the Eagle, Idaho area!

Eagle Fire Station

This fire station was built a few years back. It is the main Eagle Fire Station with two smaller fire stations in the northeast and southwest part of Eagle. Came in very handy to have the southwest station this past summer when we had the foothill fire! See Pic below!

Eagle Foothill FireThis is the fire I just mentioned that was in the Eagle Foothills this summer (2010). (This picture is taken from my yard) It burned hundreds of acres and several homes. The fire fighters did a phenomenal job containing this fire which moved very quickly (and was caused by a lightning strike). Come spring time you will not even be able to tell it had burned. I guess this is nature's way of cleaning things up.


Orville Jackson


This picture is of Orville Jackson that used to be the Eagle Drug Store up until a few years ago. It has since been sold (a few times) with different types of businesses coming and going. Latest rumor is that it is going to be a restaurant. The Eagle Drug Store used to be not only a pharmacy but it had all sorts of odds and ends that you could find there. For me, Orville Jackson’s store represented the small town feel of the Eagle area.

I will try to post some more pics of  Eagle and some new ones of the Boise area. I might have to wait until the weather clears up a bit! If you go to my website (no sign up required): you can view more information regarding the Eagle and Boise Idaho area.
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