Boise Real Estate Market Stats-June (1st-15th) 2011

Below are the Boise Real Estate Market Stats for the halfway mark for June 2011. Numbers are continuing to remain very stable in all categories (active, pending and sold). Numbers are based on single family/single family with acreage from the Multiple Listing Service.

Available 6/1 – 6/15 2011

# Available: 2625

# Short Sale: 785

# Bank Owned: 148

Median Asking Price: $178,400

Number of available listings has barely moved (2616 in May) and Asking Price is up very slightly ($178,250 in May).


Pending Sales 6/1-6/15 2011

# Pending 1021

Median Asking Price: $159,900

Median Days on Market: 34

Pendings are up (978 in May) so I expect that many of these will work their way over to the closing column in June. Median Asking Price remains the same as it was in May.


Closed Sales 6/1 – 6/15 2011

# Closed: 241

# Short Sale: 38

# Bank Owned: 80

Median Sales Price: $157,786

Median Days on Market: 39

At the half way mark for the month we are just 360 solds away and with the current number of pending sales I think that we will easily make it to match May’s closed sales numbers (601). Currently the median closed sales price is way up from May ($143K). We will see if those numbers hold or if more distressed sales going through bring it down a bit. Days on Market are down as of now (42 in May).

Overall, things continue to look strong so we will continue to watch and hope that the several months of positive numbers keeps on going. If you would like additional information regarding the Boise Real Estate Market please contact me through my web site (no sign up required):

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