Boise Real Estate Market Statistics-July 2011

The numbers are in for the ADA County area real estate market and they continue to look pretty decent. We are actually seeing an improvement in volume of sales year over year as we try to get the Sales Price back up. All the numbers below are based on single family/single family with acreage from the Multiple Listing Service.

Available – July 2011

# Available: 2534

# Vacant: 1307

# Short Sale: 729

# Bank Owned: 108

Asking Price: $179,900

Inventory continues to go down but all other numbers are the same compared to June 2011.


Pending Sales- July 2011

# Pending: 930

Asking Price: $163,170

Pending sales went up slightly from June’s 926 as well as a slight increase in asking price ($159,995).


Closed Sales- July 2011

# Closed: 577

# Short Sales: 88

# Bank Owned: 127

Sales Price: $149,900

Days on Market: 39

While the number of closed sales is down from June’ s 630, the Sales Price remained relatively the same. Interestingly though, compared to July 2010 the number of closed sales is way up. July 2010 saw only 422 closings and ended an artificially inflated 2010 spring ($8k credit ).  It  was also the start of the very big slide in sales that continued to January of 2011.

Overall. the real estate market remains very stable here in the Boise area. I continue to believe that we will see year over year price improvements by October of this year. I will post Meridian numbers in a few days where we will see that Sales prices for year over year have finally met!

If you would like to see what the  available homes are going for in  your subdivision or area in the Treasure Valley, please go to my website: (no sign in required). If you have any questions or comments please fee free to post them here or contact me through my website.



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