Canyon County Real Estate Market Statistics-December 2011

Below are the real estate market statistics for the Canyon County area, which consists of Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, and the surrounding area. These numbers represent the available inventory, pending sales, and sold properties for December 2011. All data is from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service for single family/single family with acreage.

Available Homes

# Available: 888

# Vacant: 445 (50%)

# Short Sales: 375 (42%)

#Bank Owned: 68 (8%)

Median Asking Price: $107,745

The available inventory continues to go down (999 in November) while the percent of distressed properties on the market rose back to 50% (48% in November, 50% in October).  Median Sales Price is down slightly from November’s $109.9k.


Pending Sales

# Pending: 382

Median Asking Price: $85,250

The number of pending sales is down from November’s 407 but the asking price is up from November’s $82,500.


Closed Sales – December 2010

# Closed Sales: 243

# Short Sales: 33 (14%)

# Bank Owned: 149 (61%)

Median Sales Price: $79,500

Median Days on Market: 49

Closed Sales – December 2011

# Closed Sales: 210

# Short Sales: 54 (26%)

# Bank Owned:  109 (52%)

Median Sales Price: $78, 500

Median Days on Market: 30

December closed sales is down both month over month (233 November) and year over year (see above). The median sales price is down from November’s $85k and only off by $1k for year over year. The percentage of properties that sold this month that were distress sales is up by 11%. This would also explain the lower sales price with 52% of the sales being Bank Owned. The median days on market is down from November’s 42.

Overall, while not a great month, December 2011 held steady considering that it is usually a slower sales month than November. We will see how January shapes up but all current indications point to a positive month ahead! If you would like additional information or would like to see what properties in the Canyon County area are currently going for, please go to my website: or e-mail me :   


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