So Where is the Boise Real Estate Market Inventory?

So why isn’t inventory going up in the Boise real estate market?     

I get this question quite a bit! Many people ask me if the market is improving how come the inventory is still low? My thinking is that even with the market improving, many sellers are still underwater or would barely breakeven at the closing table.

For many, we are still at least a year or more away from them being able to sell as they get another year or two to pay down principle and get an increased sales price.

However, if you are looking to take advantage of what are still historically low prices and extremely low-interest rates, now may be a better time to sell. Yes, you could make more money if you wait a year or two, but if the price of your home is going to go up, so is the one that you are looking to buy. And I can almost guarantee that interest rates will not remain at this level for too much longer.

So please, ( yep, here is my sales pitch!) if you are considering selling your home or know someone who is, please contact me or send me the contact information of your family or friends! I will be happy to do a Current Market Analysis to let you (or family/friends) know the current market of your/their home! You can e-mail me : or go to my website:

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