Canyon County Real Estate Statistics -September 2012

Below are the Canyon County real estate statistics for September 2012. Data is from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service with the numbers reflecting available, pending, and sold, single family/single family with acreage. Canyon County consists of Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton and surrounding areas.

Canyon County September Market Statistics

Available Homes

# Available: 974                    

# Vacant: 493 (51%)

# Short Sale: 273 (28%)

# Bank Owned: 36 (4%)

Median Asking Price: $131,145


Pending Sales

# Pending: 468

Median Asking Price: $108,400


Closed Sales – September 2011

# Closed: 260

# Short Sale: 67 (26%)

# Bank Owned: 111 (43%)

Median Sales Price: $79,500

Median Days on Market: 49

Closed Sales– September 2012

# Closed: 260

# Short Sale: 56 (21%)

# Bank Owned: 49 (19%)

Median Sales Price: $104,716

Median Days on Market: 28


Where is the market heading?

September’s real estate numbers seem to indicate that the market has settled down quite a bit since our crazy spring. We are no longer seeing prices increasing at almost $2K -$3K a week. I feel the leveling off is healthy since the economy locally could not support the rapid increase. I realize for many, the current prices are still lower than when they bought. That is unfortunate but we can not afford to see another bubble so soon after the last one when we are still recovering from it!

An interesting item that I noticed when gathering my statistics for this past month was the List Price to Sales Price (median). List Price is what the seller lists the home for and the sales price is what it actually sells for. For Canyon County LP/SP was 100+ percent (LP-$104,250/ SP-$104,716). In Nampa it was 100+ percent (LP- $108,500/ SP- $108,900)and in Caldwell it was at 101 percent (LP- $100,961/SP-$102,000).

Even though prices are leveling off and will more than likely remain flat for a few months, my gut tells me that we are going to see another surge in activity and prices come spring.

 If you would like to know what your home is possibly worth in this current market, please contact me through my website:

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