Boise Real Estate Market Statistics -October 2013

Boise Area – October 2013
Available Homes
# Available: 2541
# Vacant: 1426 (56%)
# Short Sale: 195 (8%)
# Bank Owned: 68 (3%)
Median Asking Price: $225,000


Pending Sales
# Pending: 896
Median Asking Price: $219,900


Closed Sales—October 2012
# Closed: 652
# Short Sale: 90 (14%)
# Bank Owned: 66 (10%)
Median Sales Price: $175,000
Median Days on Market: 30

Closed Sales—October 2013
# Closed: 621
# Short Sale: 31 (5%)
# Bank Owned: 23 (4%)
Median Sales Price: $214,900
Median Days on Market: 26


Inventory rose a bit again as did vacancies. All due to new home construction! The asking price came down another $5k from last month. I am expecting inventory to level off for the next few months as the holidays and weather slow the market down a little.

The number of Pending Sales continues its downward trend as is typical for this time of year. Pending asking price is down a bit as well. This will probably translate into lower closed sales prices for November closings.

The number of Closed Sales are down not only month over month but year over year. Median sales prices went up though, due to a decrease of homes sold in the under $100k price range and an increase in the over $400k range. I don’t expect that trend to continue!


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