Boise Real Estate Market Statistics-December 2017

Ada County December Market Statistics

Available Homes
# Available: 1436
# Vacant: 1101 (77%)
# Short Sale: 6 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 6 (<1%)
Median Asking Price: $349,416

Pending Sales
# Pending: 1150
Median Asking Price: $314,027

Closed Sales—December 2016
# Closed: 835
# Short Sale: 5 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 12 (1%)
Median Sales Price: $244,888
Median Days on Market: 24

Closed Sales—December 2017
# Closed: 857
# Short Sale: 2 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 4 (<1%)
Median Sales Price: $275,716
Median Days on Market: 16

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year! Hoping everyone’s holiday’s were happy and healthy, and that 2018 brings much health and blessings!
Active listings in the Ada County area are at record lows! I feel like I am saying this almost every month but we manage to continue to have shrinking inventory. We are at a point that the National Association of Realtors are calling this an inventory crisis! The next few months will tell us if we start to move out of it or if the shortage continues.
Speaking with other realtors from around the valley, we are all having a very similar problem, and that is no listings! Even though many sellers could easily sell for a profit, most fear not being able to find another home to move to. While this is a tough position to be in, if you are ready to move, putting your home on the market now will maximize how much you get for your home. You may have to become a renter for a little bit but you will find a home you want and you won’t feel rushed into making an offer just so you have a place to live!
If you would like to know how much your home may be worth, send me an e-mail or text and I will get you a Current Market Analysis right


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