Boise Real Estate Market Statistics-January 2018

Ada County January Market Statistics

Available Homes
# Available: 1229
# Vacant: 943 (77%)
# Short Sale: 4 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 3 (<1%)
Median Asking Price: $371,476

Pending Sales
# Pending: 1300
Median Asking Price: $324,900

Closed Sales—January 2017
# Closed: 570
# Short Sale: 1 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 16 (3%)
Median Sales Price: $239,794
Median Days on Market: 28

Closed Sales—January 2018
# Closed: 617
# Short Sale: 0 (0%)
# Bank Owned: 4 (1%)
Median Sales Price: $279,900
Median Days on Market: 17


Historical Records to Start 2018

Now that January 2018 is in the books we are seeing a few historical numbers appearing in Available inventory, Pending Sales and Year over Year closed sales prices.
We will start with our Available inventory. Down again this month to a mere 1229 homes on the market. More then 77 percent of the homes on the market are vacant. For the most part these vacant homes are investment properties or new builds.
Pending sales this month are actually higher than available inventory. That is a first for me! In the 13 years I have been in real estate I have never seen the inventory lower than the pending sales.
While the number of Closed Sales was down from last month, when we look at the year over year numbers we are up by 47. The big number for me is the Closed Sales Price! Only up by $4K month over month but up by $40K year over year. That is a pretty substantial increase in sales price!
I don’t have a crystal ball to predict exactly where this market goes but it is not a bubble. The increasing prices make it feel that way but that is fueled by lack of inventory. Multiple things have factored into this: low inventory keeps potential sellers from selling, well, because no inventory, builders were conservative this time around and did not over build (now most are 9 –12 months out), and the sheer volume of people moving into Idaho grabbing up the little inventory we have. I am thinking this market will continue with low inventory and rising prices for at least another 6-9 months.

Brokerage: Silvercreek Realty Group- 1099 S Wells St Suite 200, Meridian ID 83642


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