Boise Real Estate Market Statistics-June 2018

Ada County June Market Statistics

Available Homes
# Available: 1458
# Vacant: 907 (62%)
# Short Sale: 1 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 5 (<1%)
Median Asking Price: $385,945

Pending Sales
# Pending: 1838
Median Asking Price: $340,783

Closed Sales—June 2017
# Closed: 1245
# Short Sale: 1 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 6 (<1%)
Median Sales Price: $272,490
Median Days on Market: 8

Closed Sales—June 2018
# Closed: 1230
# Short Sale: 3(<1%)
# Bank Owned: 0 (0%)
Median Sales Price: $322,317
Median Days on Market: 7

Beginning of the summer market!

Inventory was up by another 150 homes! Finally! These are not huge increases but so needed just the same. We are still seeing multiple offers and homes going pending within hours of hitting the market, however, that is only the case in the under $350K price range. Once we get over the $500K mark, the available inventory goes up and days on market are a bit longer.

Pending sales actually saw a pull back, down by 103 month over month and the asking price was flat. The increase in inventory and the decrease in Pending sales is the result of the summer market. This happens every year! Not an anomaly, just typical!

The number of Closed Sales was up by 32 month over month, so not really much to report on there. What is worthy of noting is the year over year price difference. The median price of a home sold in June 2017 was $272,490, in June 2018 that median price is now $322,317. That is a $50K price increase! Anyone who waited until this year to buy are paying that much more!

Brokerage: Silvercreek Realty Group 1099 S Wells St suite 200, Meridian, ID 83642

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