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Boise Real Estate Market Statistics for June 2013

Below are the numbers for the Boise Real Estate Market for June 2013. These numbers are taken from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service for Ada County (Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Star) for single family/single family with acreage.


Ada County June Market Statistics

 Available Homes

# Available: 2081

# Vacant: 996 (48%)

# Short Sale: 232 (11%)

# Bank Owned: 59 (3%)

Median Asking Price: $235,000


 Pending Sales

# Pending: 1342

Median Asking Price: $216,731


Closed Sales—June 2012

# Closed: 706

# Short Sale: 109 (15%)

# Bank Owned: 79 (11%)

Median Sales Price: $174,000

Median Days on Market: 24


Closed Sales—June 2013

# Closed: 822

# Short Sale: 55 (7%)

# Bank Owned: 44 (5%)

Median Sales Price: $210,823

Median Days on Market: 17



Summer Market

The Ada County summer market is behaving as expected. Sales are slowing down a bit, allowing for inventory to increase. June closed out the spring market with very strong numbers and July is not looking too shabby!

 The Available inventory finally went over the 2000 mark for the first time since November 2012. The Median Asking Price pulled back by $4k from May. As inventory increases we will see the median asking price start to level off or decrease.

 The Pending Sales saw a decrease of 116 and the Median Asking price only rose by $200. As the summer market continues we should see these number continue to shrink a bit.

 The number of Closed Sales stayed exactly the same, which was at historical highs last month. The percent of distressed homes also stayed the same at 12 percent of the market. The big news is the Median Sales Price! It was up by $15K from last month and over $25K since April! That is a huge! Year over year it is up by over $36K! Are you thinking of selling? Come on in, the water is definitely warm! 

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Boise Real Estate Market Statistics- May 2013

Below are the Boise Real Estate Market Statistics for May 2013. These numbers are from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service for Available, Pending and Closed sales, single family/single family with acreage in the Boise, Idaho area.

Ada County May 2013 Market Statistics

Available Homes

# Available: 1880
# Vacant: 918 (49%)
# Short Sale: 229 (12%)
# Bank Owned: 49 (3%)
Median Asking Price: $239,900


Pending Sales
# Pending: 1458
Median Asking Price: $216,530


Closed Sales—May 2012
# Closed: 625
# Short Sale: 115 (18%)
# Bank Owned: 71 (11%)
Median Sales Price: $179,688
Median Days on Market: 35

Closed Sales—May 2013
# Closed: 822
# Short Sale: 59 (7%)
# Bank Owned: 40 (5%)
Median Sales Price: $194,995
Median Days on Market: 17


Spring Market Ends Strong!

As the spring market comes to an end, it did so with strong numbers. The number of homes that sold in May are numbers that we have not seen since 2005/2006. As long as we can avoid the housing bubble of those years we should be alright!

Available inventory barely inched up by 76 homes. Not near enough to help meet buyer demand. The worrisome detail is that due to the lack of inventory many buyers are waiting for the “perfect” home and in the meantime interest rates are on the rise. For some, this could price them out of the market within the next few months.

As expected, the Pending Sales continued to do well. So did the median Pending Sales price! Up another $7500!

The number of Closed Sales are at historical highs. The percent of distressed homes fell by 10 percent month over month (22 percent in April and 12 percent in May). Only 40 homes that sold in May were Bank Owned and currently there are only 49 Bank Owned homes available for sale! We are getting to the point where I may not have to have the number of distressed homes in my statistics anymore! Now wouldn’t that be nice?!?

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Boise Real Estate Statistics for February 2013

Below are the Boise Real Estate Statistics for March 2013. The statistics consist of the Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, and Star area. All numbers are based on information from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service for single family/single family on acreage that have sold, are pending or are currently available.

Ada County February Market Statistics

Available Homes
# Available: 1729
# Vacant: 961 (56%)
# Short Sale: 334 (19%)
# Bank Owned: 61 (4%)
Median Asking Price: $218,900


Pending Sales
# Pending: 1005
Median Asking Price: $193,000


Closed Sales – February 2012
# Closed: 418
# Short Sale: 91 (22%)
# Bank Owned: 106 (25%)
Median Sales Price: $155,995
Median Days on Market: 53

Closed Sales– February 2013
# Closed: 454
# Short Sale: 60 (13%)
# Bank Owned: 47 (10%)
Median Sales Price: $182,000
Median Days on Market: 40


Market Continues to Improve!

The real estate market continues to stay strong! We saw a slight increase in inventory but we are still at historic lows! Asking price is continuing its steady rise. Up almost $10K from last month. The search for decent inventor y continues to fuel multiple offers and decreased  days on market.

Pending sales increased over the thousand mark again (1005 units pending-Feb./ 878 units pending in Jan.) There was another increase in the median asking price which will translate into yet another increase in the closed median sales price.

We saw a jump in closed sales activity for February. We had 358 closed sales last month and had over 454 this month. The median sales price increased by $26,775 for the Meridian area! The distressed market continues to shrink for sold properties. In February 2012 , 47 percent of the sold market was distressed, now it is at 23 percent.

Are we heading into another bubble? I don’t think so! The lack of inventory is what is fueling the price increases right now. As more sellers recover from the hit they took after the crash, inventory will start to go up. At that point I think we will see a flattening of prices. In the meantime though, if you are a seller not under water and have considered selling, now is the time!

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Boise Idaho Ranks in Top Ten Places to Retire


Money Magazine Ranks Boise, Idaho as one of the Top Ten Places to Retire

Living here in Idaho, I am not surprised to see that Boise made the top ten place to retire but I have to say that I really think it should have been number one! Here is a list of the top ten towns to retire:

1.Marquette, MI

2. Cape Coral, Fl

3. Boise, ID

4. Danville, KY

5. Weatherford, TX

6. Southaven, MS

7. Pittsburgh, PA

8. Broken Arrow, OK

9. Lake Charles, LA

10. Winston-Salem, N.C.

When I look at this list the first thing I think of for the majority of towns listed is humidity. Yuck! Having grown up on Long Island, one of the things that I absolutely appreciate about the Boise area is the ability to have a good hair day.  I just dropped one of my sons off at a Connecticut college and I found myself taking two showers a day so that my hair would not feel greasy. I was so thankful when we landed back in Boise and stepped outside the airport to clean, dry air.

The other thing that comes to mind is hurricanes.  Many of these towns are along the east coast and can experiences at least one good storm a year. Conversely, Boise has very temperate weather and has four seasons. We do not get tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, or terrible winter storms. During the summer we can get a few days that will get over 100 degrees but everyday is pretty much the same: sunny! Our spring and fall are just perfect and our winters can get some cold days, but not Michigan cold.  

The great thing about Boise for retirement is that  2/3 of our population is under 50. This means that there are lots of activities to do such as hiking, biking, skiing, boating, fishing, you get the point. Every season offers something to do and just about everywhere you go there is usually a picture-taking opportunity. People here are very friendly (and if they are not they are probably from California, just kidding, and I look forward to your comments!) and the crime rate is very low (1/2 the national average for a city of this size).

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Boise Real Estate Sales Slump in March-Say What???

Did you hear that thump? That was the sound of my head hitting the keyboard on my computer as I finished reading yet another Statesman article filled with misleading headlines and misinformation within. On Thursday, the Statesman had a front-page headline “Valley home sales slump in March”.  This is the kind of headline that makes my head spin!

What the newspaper was trying to show as a slump was to compare March 2010 to March 2011 in ADA County. Well that is another “duh” moment, since this time last year there was an $8K home buyer credit in play. But even comparing 2010 to 2011 the numbers are not that far apart with 601 properties closed in 2010 and 537 closed in 2011. But if we look at the first three months of 2011 we will see the continued upswing of homes sold: January-381, February-393, and March-537. Does that look like a sales slump to you?

Now if the Statesman had written that the median sales prices had dropped in March 2011 that would have been an accurate statement. Although, the prices are still on a rollercoaster and are down one month and up the next, only to come back down the next month. (January median sales price-$135.5k, February-$145.7k, and March-$135k).

The real estate market both in ADA and Canyon County are slowly but surely recovering. The median sales prices (sold) will continue to go up and down until the majority of distressed properties have moved out of the market. In the meantime, the good news is that homes are selling and they are starting to sell quickly (particularly in the $250K and under price range). I look forward to seeing what our totals will be for the month of April because so far they are looking very good. I will be posting those results during the first week of May.

If you would like additional information regarding the  Boise real estate market or the Canyon County area, please go to my web site (no sign up required):

article referenced: “Valley Home Sales Slump in March”- Idaho Statesman, April 21,2011, written by Joe Estrella

RE/MAX is Whack -Video

Another great viral video by RE/MAX! Click on the link to see the YouTube Video (it is less than 3 minutes).

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Boise Real Estate for Under $250K

Below are some great deals on properties that are currently on the market for under $250k in the Boise area.

$209K Brand New Construction

This gorgeous home is just $209k and is brand new construction by Riverwood Homes (listing courtesy of Coldwell Banker). It is a 5 bed/2.5 bath, 2130 sq. ft., 3 car garage on a .24 acre lot in Boise. MLS#-98458238


Boise Home for $230K

This beautiful home is located in Red Feather Sub in West Boise and is only $230K. It is a 4 bed/2.5 bath, 2462 sq ft., 2 car garage on a .23 acre.  (Listing courtesy of John L. Scott)MLS#98443424



SW Boise $249K

This stunning home is only $249K in SW Boise and it sits on .83 acre! It is a 2750 sq. ft. home with 4 bed/3 bath, 6 car garage. MLS# 98464239 (listing courtesy of Realty One Center)

One more thing that I did not mention but is very important none of these homes are distressed! That is correct, they are all “regular” real estate deals. If you would like to see additional pictures of these properties go to my website and plug-in the MLS #.  If you would like to see other properties you can also just go to my website (no sign up required):

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