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Realtor Etiquette 101

How can you tell that the Boise real estate market is changing?  With the increase in obnoxious behavior by Realtors, that  is how!

This post is a friendly little reminder to all my fellow Realtors:  As a group we are already despised, so please do not help further ruin our already bad reputation. (On a good day we are compared to lawyers and on a bad day we are compared to used car salesman.) Show some courtesy and some class when you are out viewing property with clients especially when there are other Realtors viewing the same property with their clients.

Rule 1: If you show up to a house and you see another Realtor already inside showing the property, wait in the car with your client until the other Realtor is done. You see, if you try to impress your client on how tough a Realtor you are by just walking in and proceeding to show the property, two things happen. One: you tick off the other Realtor, which then breeds more obnoxious behavior because now they are going to take their sweet time to show the property (that is called spite, a very lovely trait!). Two: you look like a jacka**. Yep, even your client has more decency than you do by feeling extremely uncomfortable with your behavior and usually winds up apologizing for you. Not a good way to get referrals!

Rule 2: Use your own e-key to get in! When I am done showing a house, I lock it up because my code is now entered in the box. If you (Realtor) come in right behind me with your clients before I lock up and something gets damaged, guess who the Listing Agent is going to call? That’s right, me, the most recent code. So this is where waiting in your car comes back into play. You might think it is rude that I lock the door and put the key back into the box while you wait two feet away from me, but that is a MLS requirement. The Listing Agent and the Homeowner have a right to know who is showing their property, not just to keep track but as a security issue.

So my fellow Realtors, this is not 2006 when we had to beg the sellers to please let us show their home. There is still plenty of properties to show and just as many good deals to go around. Let’s play nice and show some professionalism, be courteous, be kind and wait your d*** turn!

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Shadow Inventory in the Boise Real Estate Market

In today’s local newspaper they did their usual hype style headline, “Shadow Inventory could still  Haunt Treasure Valley Market”. It seems at least once a week, the local paper and national  news media feel the need to run a negative real estate story. This particular story on Shadow Inventory has been run before and it seems not that long ago.

So what is “Shadow Inventory”? These are the homes that have been foreclosed on and have not as of yet been put on the real estate market. Generally speaking these homes are owned by the lenders who have first lien position (usually the original loan).

The way the news stories are written one would think that the banks are just waiting for an orchestrated time to dump all the homes onto the market. Does that seem to make any sense? No, and banks are not in the business to lose money. If they were to put all the homes that they have  in their inventory on the market at the same time they would crash the market, forcing prices to go even lower.

Most banks are losing money as it is with homes being sold at record lows, so homes must be put onto the real estate market in a timely fashion. When they sell one, they put another one on. It is really that simple. The lending industry may have had a big hand in screwing up the housing market but they actually do understand (let’s hope so anyway) supply and demand.

And demand is getting higher as the inventory shrinks and prices have leveled off ,and in some cases has increased. I know I am not the only realtor who seems to feel that there is a certain urgency that has entered the market. I have shown several homes recently and have encountered another realtor trying to come in the door right behind me. That has not happened in several years and I will discuss that in tomorrow’s post.

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Boise Real Estate Listings for Under $140K!!!

Yesterday I posted about real estate listings in Meridian for under $140K. Today I will show you some really great deals in the Boise area for under $140K. This is a great opportunity for not investors but especially renters.

If your rent is $575 -$625 you can afford a home for $100K and under, and there are quite a few to choose from.

If your rent is $640-$745 you can afford a home for $130K and under.

And if your rent is $750-$850 you can afford a home  $140k and under.

Here are some great deals:

Boise Home for $100K

This is a fantastic deal! MLS#98456873


$110K home in Boise

 Wonderful Boise home with a three car garage! MLS#98445503


$120k home in Boise

Another great deal in Boise for under $120K! MLS# 98461449


$130K home in Boise

Two story home with front porch! MLS#98459588


$140K home in Boise

Lots of square footage for the money! MLS#98432491


Buyers, now is a great time to buy! Prices are still very reasonable and mortgage rates are still low. It is definitely cheaper to own a home than to rent, If you would like additional information on the homes listed above or any other homes in the Boise real estate market, go to my website (no sign up required) and enter the MLS number,

Random Boise Idaho Factoids!

Tallest building: U.S. Bank Plaza – 20 floors

Median Age: 33

For every 100 females there are 98.1 males (hmm, not sure I want to meet the guy who is .1)

Population (City): 205,671


98th largest city by population

Median Income:

$42,432 (household income)

$52,014 (Family income)

$36,893 (male)

$26,173 (female)

Founded in 1863

Climate: Semi Arid with four seasons

Average rain fall: 12.14 inches per year

Temps: 113 (record high)

                 -25(record low)

The 5th most Active City (per the CDC 2010)

#1 Overall Town in Western U.S. (Outside Magazine 2010)

How to pronounce Boise: Boy-see  NOT Boy-zee. (Locals get very offended if you say it wrong!)

If you are interested in learning more about Boise Idaho, please go to my website (no sign up required):

Boise Idaho- An Active City

In yesterday’s post I told you about my buyers that were from out-of-town. What I forgot to mention was that they wanted to know what activities, if any, were in the Boise area and in what seasons. I told them that Boise had many outdoor activities to do and because we have four seasons there was something to do in each. Well today on the Idaho Statesman website they confirmed what I had told my buyers: that Boise is an active city.

A study done recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked Boise , Idaho as the fifth most active city (physical activity) in the United States. This is not surprising to anyone who lives here. Every season brings new opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

In spring there is biking, hiking, fishing, golfing and any other outdoor sports activity you can think of. In the summer you can raft the rapids or float the river or hit the local lakes and reservoirs for boating, water and jet skiing fun. The fall brings the hunting season into swing and the winter offers skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing at our local ski resorts. (Just a side note: Boise has some real avid fisherman, so fishing is pretty much a yearlong activity!)

An added bonus is that all these activities can be done while enjoying the beautiful surrounding scenery. Whether you are viewing the beautiful mountains from the valley floor or the breathtaking scenery from the mountains overlooking  the valley, be sure to have a camera ready.

Boise is a great place to live if you want an active lifestyle and if you would like additional information as well as pictures of the Boise area please visit my website (no sign-up required):

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