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Eagle Idaho Real Estate Listings for Under $145K!!!

While inventory may be getting smaller and prices have pretty much leveled off, there are still some great deals to be had. Yes, even in Eagle, Idaho! This small community on the outskirts of Boise still has some of the most expensive homes in Idaho but if you know where to look you can find some very well priced homes for under $145K.

$120K in Eagle

What a smokin’ deal! This property is actually $118K right now in a great subdivision. 3 bed and 2.5 bath with 1526 sq. feet. MLS# 98459893


$125K in Eagle

3 bed/2bath, 1400 square feet in Bosanka Village in walking distance to downtown shopping. MLS# 98457078


$140K in Eagle

This is a 3 bed/2bath home with over 1600 square feet in a great sub on large lot. MLS# 98462359


$145K in Eagle

Now here is a really great deal! 4 bed/ 2.5 bath with almost 2000 square feet in Echo Hawk subdivision. MLS# 98463026


Who said you can not find any good deals in Eagle?! If you would like additional information regarding any of the properties listed above or on any other homes in the Boise area real estate market, please go to my website (no sign up required):

Boise Real Estate Listings for Under $140K!!!

Yesterday I posted about real estate listings in Meridian for under $140K. Today I will show you some really great deals in the Boise area for under $140K. This is a great opportunity for not investors but especially renters.

If your rent is $575 -$625 you can afford a home for $100K and under, and there are quite a few to choose from.

If your rent is $640-$745 you can afford a home for $130K and under.

And if your rent is $750-$850 you can afford a home  $140k and under.

Here are some great deals:

Boise Home for $100K

This is a fantastic deal! MLS#98456873


$110K home in Boise

 Wonderful Boise home with a three car garage! MLS#98445503


$120k home in Boise

Another great deal in Boise for under $120K! MLS# 98461449


$130K home in Boise

Two story home with front porch! MLS#98459588


$140K home in Boise

Lots of square footage for the money! MLS#98432491


Buyers, now is a great time to buy! Prices are still very reasonable and mortgage rates are still low. It is definitely cheaper to own a home than to rent, If you would like additional information on the homes listed above or any other homes in the Boise real estate market, go to my website (no sign up required) and enter the MLS number,

Meridan Real Estate Listings for Under $140K!!!

Home buyers looking to get a great deal in the Meridian, Idaho real estate market take a look at the following homes:

Meridian home for $100K!

This is a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home! What a deal?!! MLS#98462722


This one is for $110K in Meridian, Idaho! MLS#98453929

This is a great house for the money! MLS#98453929


Home for just$120K!!! Meridian, Idaho

This is a really great deal in Meridian, ID! MLS#98459675


Look at this!!! $130K in Meridian, Idaho

This home is absolutley gorgeous! MLS#98444593


Can you believe it! Only $140K in Meridian, Idaho!

This is an unbelievable price at $140K! MLS#98463035


If you are paying rent in the range of $575 – $825 a month then one of these homes could be yours! The deals are still out there and the interest rates are still low! If you want to see additional pictures and information about  these homes, please go to my website (no sign up required) : and plug in the MLS #. Contact me if you would like information on any home in the Boise Multiple Listing area. Are you ready to change your address?

Is the American Dream Dead?

I saw an interesting article on Trulia today by Tara-Nicholle Nelson discussing two very different view points on home ownership. One view was from Suse Orman and the other was from Warren Buffet. Both had valid points  and I believe both are right in some regards.

There was one point in particular that I disagree with though and that was regarding renters. Suse Ormand states  that the American dream is dead because of jobless numbers and the difficulty in getting credit. She tells renters to “save, save, save up every penny” and eventually they may be able to buy a home. While I agree with saving up, it is nearly impossible for anyone to rent and have all the additional expenses that come with just trying to get by and still be able to save up. The rent money and all the other expenses are thrown into the wind and will never be recovered.

Rent in today’s market costs as much as a mortgage on a decent home. So wouldn’t it be smarter to purchase a home while the prices and loan rates are still low? At least your monthly mortgage payments go towards owning your home while rent payments go to the landlord who may not even be paying his/her own mortgage.

Warren Buffet had a different view and I have to say that I agree more with him. He states that now is the time to purchase due to affordability. He does caution homebuyers though to make practical choices with three simple steps: Don’t look for your “dream” home but one that you can afford, when you buy plan on holding onto your home for at least ten years, and get a mortgage that has a fixed rate with affordable payments.  If home buyer’s had been following these three simple steps a few years ago, much of this housing mess could have been avoided!

While I agree with Suse Orman in the sense that not everyone will own a home, I think it is more for the fact that not everyone should own a home. There are certain people who just do not know how to live within their means. They pay everything on credit and have no self-control when it comes to spending (sounds like our government doesn’t it?) Unfortunately, these same people were given home loans and now are the ones defaulting on their loans.

But there are those that are responsible with their money and save up for emergencies and down payments. These buyers should be rewarded with decent interest rates so that they can purchase a decent home.  If you are one of those responsible people and you live in the Boise area, I want to speak with you. Are you ready to buy and keep the American Dream alive? If you would like to see how much you can afford and what the current home prices are in the Boise real estate market,  please go to my website and then contact me (no sign-up required):

Boise area Home Owner Exemption Status

Did you buy a home since last May? Did you apply for your home owners exemption? If you do not apply by April 15th your property taxes will be higher until next year and you will pay the same rate as if you were a non-owner occupied. This is an item that can sometimes get overlooked when purchasing a home.

The process is very simple here in Boise. You have several options: fax it, mail it, apply on-line, or walk into the Ada County Assessor’s office. If you fax it or mail it, make sure to get a receipt to prove that you did apply on time. If you apply on-line you will get an electronic receipt. If you walk it in, they will give you a copy of the paperwork with a “received” stamp on it.

You have to do this even if you are just refinancing a mortgage. I recently refinanced and I then walked my home owners exemption paper in to the Assessor’s office and as helped right away (by a very helpful clerk named Vicki). She plugged in the information, handed me the receipt and I was on my way.

To get a copy of the exemption form go online to:  To fill out the form you will need the parcel number, the date the property was purchased, the date that the property was moved into, and the purchase price. The Ada County Assessor’s office is located at 190 E. Front St (right next to the court building) in Boise. Parking is free if you are there less than one hour (there is usually no waiting). 

To fax it: 208-287-7209

To mail it: Ada County Assessor’s Office, 190 e. Front St., Ste 107, Boise 83702

Online: see web address listed above

If you would like additional information regarding home owner’s exemptions or if you would like other Boise Real Estate information please feel free to contact me through my website (no sign up required):

Mistakes that Home Buyers Make

In a past post I listed all the steps that a buyer should take when getting ready to buy a home. Today I thought I would list some of the top mistakes a buyer can make when buying a home and suggestions on how to avoid them. Some are obvious and some are a little more subtle.

  • Choosing a Realtor that is not committed to you or their job. Hiring a real estate agent is similar (or should be) to hiring an employee. You are the boss and the agent works for you. It is a good idea to interview a few agents and when you find one that you feel you can work well with, make sure that selling homes is their only job. This economy has been tough on realtors and many have had to get a second job. You need to be priority one! You should not have to wait for them to get off their day job before they can return calls!
  • Not being pre-qualified before you go out looking at homes. This can be a painful mistake because you can fall in love with a home,  make an offer and then find out you are not qualified for that home. Speak with a lender before going out to even look at homes.
  • Getting sticker shock at the closing table. Get an estimate from your lender, or your real estate agent can get you an estimate for closing costs from a title company. Many a buyer gets to the closing table and has never even seen the settlement statement or a HUD-1 form and can not understand why they have to pay so many different fees. Seeing it beforehand helps you the buyer to be better prepared and also helps clear up any errors that may be on the closing statement. (this is where having an experienced real estate agent is important)
  • Trying to find homes on your own. Yes, I realize that today’s buyer is very tech savvy and can do home buying research on their own. So why bother getting a realtor? Because many of the listings that are found on the internet are stale listings or have other offers or contingencies on them. A realtor has access to the Multiple Listing Service and all the up to date information on all the listings in the area. Plus, as I have mentioned in a previous post, a buyer needs representation.
  • Not thinking long-term. Are you buying a home to live in for 5 years or 10 years? This does make a difference when deciding your needs and wants list. The shorter the time you plan on staying in your home the shorter you wants list should be and focus on your needs list. If you plan on staying longer, than your wants list becomes more important and you will look for a home that will come as close as possible to getting everything on both your wants and needs list.
  • Skipping the Home Inspection. Trying to save a few bucks up front can cost you with expensive repairs in the long run. A home inspector knows what to look for that the average home buyer will not. Plus they go in places that most of us hope we never have to, like the crawl space or attic rafters!

These are some of the most common mistakes that buyers make when buying a home. There are others but I think that these tend to be the most important and the most costly. If you are looking to buy Real Estate in the Boise Idaho area please go to my website (no sign in required), there you can see what homes are currently on the market and use the mortgage calculator to get a rough estimate of what you can afford. And do not forget to contact me when you are ready to buy!

Why it is Important to Have Buyer Representation?

As a buyer, having a Realtor represent you on a purchase is more important than you might think. You may have heard this before but it is true!

Here is the scenario if you just go out and try to purchase without having representation:

You go on the internet and find the perfect home. Now you drive over to the home and see a realtor sign. You call the number on the sign and you ask to see the house. The realtor will jump at the chance to sell the home and make the full commission. Nothing wrong with wanting to make money, that is why we are in the business! Now you get to see the house and you want to make an offer. You sign the papers with the agreement to have a lender approval letter in hand. Only problem is that when you go talk to the lender you find out you are not qualified to buy the home. This is a big set-back and you are extremely disappointed.

But what if you had qualified? Well that brings up some different issues like who does the realtor represent? The realtor has a signed seller representation agreement but if they sign a buyer representation with you they now become what is called a “dual agent”. This is where they no longer represent either one of you but are basically processing paperwork for both of you.

If you want to avoid that uncomfortable feeling that you are suddenly not getting the best deal here is what I recommend. Find a realtor that you are comfortable with ( this may take a few interviews but always remember they work for you, so treat it like a job interview and you are the boss) Once you find a realtor, a good one is going to tell you to get yourself pre-qualified with a lender before  you even go out looking at houses. This helps to avoid the first scenario’s disappointment.

Once you have found the perfect house your realtor will write-up the paperwork and help you to negotiate the best price. They do this by showing you all the recent solds in the area that are comparable to help ensure that your offer is in the right range. The realtor will also recommend that you get an inspection and can help set that up for you. They will also coordinate with your lender, title company and the listing agent,  items that need to be taken care of in a timely manner so that you will close on time. (Nothing is more frustrating than having the closing moved- out because paperwork is missing or inspection items were not taken care of.)

The very best part about having buyer representation with a realtor: it is free! The seller pays the commission, you pay nothing (ok, so it is included in the price so you pay long-term but it is the seller who pays up-front) Please also keep this in mind: the realtor who has driven you around and has done a lot of hard work and countless hours on your behalf, does not get paid until after the closing. It is very frustrating for a realtor to work hard only to have a buyer go to an open house and get talked into signing an offer by the listing agent. So please show your buyer rep the same fiduciary loyalty that they give to you as your buyer rep! And no matter what, always have buyer representation!

For more information regarding buyers representation please go to my website (no sign in required) :

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