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Canyon County Real Estate Market Statistics – August 2011

Below are the numbers for the Canyon County Real Estate Market for August 2011. Canyon County consists of Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, and surrounding areas. All numbers are from the Multiple Listing Service based on single family/single family with acreage homes.

Available Inventory – August 2011

# Available: 1111

# Vacant: 505

# Short Sale: 461

# Bank Owned: 87

Median Asking Price: $113,900

Inventory is down from July (1157) and the number of distressed properties remains about the same percentage as last month.


Pending Sales – August 2011

# Pending: 432

Median Asking Price: $85,150

Pendings are up slightly from July and the Median Asking Price was almost identical.


Closed Sales – August 2011

# Closed: 283

# Short Sale: 64

# Bank Owned: 94

Median Sales Price: $78,500

Median Days on Market: 37

While the Available and Pending numbers don’t really tell us much about the current market other than that inventory continues to decrease, the Closed Sales numbers tell another story. Month over month and year over year, August 2011 is a very good month for Canyon County and here is why: number of sales are up and number of distressed properties are down.

While the Sold Price is down year over year (August of 2010 was $89K) and month over month (July was $80K), the percentage of distressed properties is what is catching my eye. In August of 2010, the number of properties sold was 254 with 70% of those sales being distressed. In July 2011, the number of properties sold was 275  with 64% being distressed. Now look at August 2011, the number of sold was 283 with only 55% distressed.  That is a 15% drop year over year and a 9% drop month over month. That is good news! And Canyon County surely needs it!

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Canyon County Real Estate Market Statistics – July 2011

Here are the numbers for Canyon County real estate market for July 2011. Canyon County consists of Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, and the surrounding area. All numbers reflect single family, single family with acreage from the Multiple Listing Service.

Available- July 2011

# Available: 1157

# Vacant: 539 (46%)

# Short Sale: 471

# Bank Owned: 85

Median Asking Price: $110,000

Number of Available homes has dropped again (1216 in June), unfortunately so has the Asking Price. This is good for buyers, who continue to get amazing deals, but bad for the “regular” sellers who continue to be punished by having to compete with the distressed homes on the market.


Pending Sales – July 2011

# Pending: 413

Median Asking Price: $85,000

Bad news: # of Pending Sales is down. Good News: Median Asking Price is up slightly. July is a typically slow time in the real estate market as buyers are vacationing or feel it is just too hot to drive around and look at property. We will watch August numbers to see if there is an improvement.


Closed Sales – July 2011

# Closed: 275

# Short Sale: 57

# Bank OWned: 120

Median Sales Price: $80,000

Median Days on Market: 38

While Closed Sales are down compared to the last few months when looking at year over year though, closings are actually up. In July 2010 there were only 235 closings, so the 275 this month does not look as bad! Median Sales Price is down by $2k from June so once again we will have to wait and see how August looks to determine which way the market will trend for the fall.

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Canyon County Real Estate Statistics-March 2011

Today we will look at the Canyon County real estate statistics for March 2011. Canyon County consists of Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton and some of the outer areas around them. Canyon County has been one of the harder hit real estate areas in Idaho. During the height of the market investors swooped in and moved prices up, now more than 54% of the active listings are distressed with 541 of them being short sale listings.

Available Homes 

# Available: 1362

# Vacant: 710

# Short Sale:541

# Bank Owned: 196

Median Asking Price: $104,900

As stated above, 54% are distressed listings with the bulk ot those being short sales. Would be nice to see the sold prices come close to the current asking price of $104.9K.


Pending Sales

# Pending: 382

Median Asking Price: $84,900

The median pending price for March 2011 does not bode well for the closed sales coming up in April since it is barely above the median sold price of $80K for March.


Closed Sales-March 2010

# Sold: 286

# Short Sale: 44

# Bank OWned: 157

Median Sales Price: $97,000

Median Days on Market: 49

Closed Sales -March 2011

# Sold: 294

# Short Sale: 54

# Bank Owned: 159

Median Sales Price: $80,000

Median Days on Market: 56

We can see how much of a toll the bank owned properties have had on the market in the past year. The median sales price is down by $17K, year over year. But an interesting statistic that I found when I was formulating these numbers was that the list price to sales price percentage was 100%. That means that almost all the homes that sold in March of 2011 were at their asking price. So that could indicate that this is the very bottom for Canyon County. April’s numbers will show us if that is truly the case.

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Nampa Idaho Real Estate Statistics for March 2011

The other day we looked at Caldwell real estate stats, now we will look at the other large area of Canyon County- Nampa. This particular area is similar to Caldwell in that it has a mix of old and new homes, as well as homes on acreage. Nampa is located next to Meridian and about 30 minutes west(outside of rush hour) from Boise. The statistics are for single family/single family with acreage.

Available Homes

# Available: 746

#Vacant: 390

# Short Sale: 310

# Bank Owned: 106

Median Asking Price: $104,900

56% of the homes for sale are distressed with the largest percentage being short sales.  The good news is that the short sales are not necessarily what brings the prices down but the bank owned properties. Hopefully many of these short sales will close before they become foreclosed on. That is when the banks usually get them back (not too many who show up at the auctions are wanting to pay what is owed on the property to clear the debt, so the property defaults back to the lender). The bank then prices the properties well below market which is what has been dragging the prices down.


Pending Sales

# Pending: 200

Median Asking Price: $84,450

There is a big difference in the current active list prices versus the pending list price so it will be interesting to see if April pending sales prices inch up a bit.


Closed Sales 2010

# Closed: 148

# Short Sales: 22

# Bank Owned: 87

Median Sales Price: $97,900

Median Days on Market: 46

Closed Sales 2011

# Closed: 182

# Short Sales: 36

# Bank Owned: 104

Median Sales Price: $80,000

Median Days on Market: 55

We can see that the median sales price has dropped over $17k compared to last March but 34 more houses sold in March 2011. But the price drop should come as no surprise since 77% of the homes that sold in March were distressed with the bulk being bank owned properties.  This is a huge percentage and the Nampa real estate market can not begin to correct itself until this percentage drops to less than 20%.  This could still be another  two years out!

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