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Boise Real Estate Market Statistics-August 2017

Ada County August Market Statistics

Available Homes
# Available: 19278
# Vacant: 1113 (58%)
# Short Sale: 7 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 4 (<1%)
Median Asking Price: $330,000


Pending Sales
# Pending: 1723
Median Asking Price: $298,000


Closed Sales—August 2016
# Closed: 1066
# Short Sale: 4 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 7 (<1%)
Median Sales Price: $254,823
Median Days on Market: 14


Closed Sales—August 2017
# Closed: 1178
# Short Sale: 2 (<1%)
# Bank Owned: 4 (1%)
Median Sales Price: $278,995
Median Days on Market: 12


Summer Market Comes to an End!

With the summer market coming to an end we see inventory not budging at all. We have not broken the 2000 mark and at this point I am not sure we will for the rest of this year. Median asking price continues to go up though; up another $5K month over month.

No significant changes in the Pending Sales either! Down by 50 and the median asking price stayed flat. Here again I do not expect to see much movement up or down with the Pending sales.

Closed sales were up by 77 month over month and was up year over year. The median sales price was up by $9K month over month and $24K year over year. The median Days on Market inched up a little bit to 12 days.

As I stated in last months newsletter (did you read it?!?) the market is staying pretty steady. Not really sure at this point if we are going to see much movement in the market until maybe next spring. Potential sellers seem to be holding onto their homes due to the lack of inventory for them to move to! Catch-22 for sure! If you have any questions regarding the real estate market (or know someone who does) please feel free to contact me!

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Boise Real Estate Statistics for February 2013

Below are the Boise Real Estate Statistics for March 2013. The statistics consist of the Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, and Star area. All numbers are based on information from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service for single family/single family on acreage that have sold, are pending or are currently available.

Ada County February Market Statistics

Available Homes
# Available: 1729
# Vacant: 961 (56%)
# Short Sale: 334 (19%)
# Bank Owned: 61 (4%)
Median Asking Price: $218,900


Pending Sales
# Pending: 1005
Median Asking Price: $193,000


Closed Sales – February 2012
# Closed: 418
# Short Sale: 91 (22%)
# Bank Owned: 106 (25%)
Median Sales Price: $155,995
Median Days on Market: 53

Closed Sales– February 2013
# Closed: 454
# Short Sale: 60 (13%)
# Bank Owned: 47 (10%)
Median Sales Price: $182,000
Median Days on Market: 40


Market Continues to Improve!

The real estate market continues to stay strong! We saw a slight increase in inventory but we are still at historic lows! Asking price is continuing its steady rise. Up almost $10K from last month. The search for decent inventor y continues to fuel multiple offers and decreased  days on market.

Pending sales increased over the thousand mark again (1005 units pending-Feb./ 878 units pending in Jan.) There was another increase in the median asking price which will translate into yet another increase in the closed median sales price.

We saw a jump in closed sales activity for February. We had 358 closed sales last month and had over 454 this month. The median sales price increased by $26,775 for the Meridian area! The distressed market continues to shrink for sold properties. In February 2012 , 47 percent of the sold market was distressed, now it is at 23 percent.

Are we heading into another bubble? I don’t think so! The lack of inventory is what is fueling the price increases right now. As more sellers recover from the hit they took after the crash, inventory will start to go up. At that point I think we will see a flattening of prices. In the meantime though, if you are a seller not under water and have considered selling, now is the time!

If you would like additional information regarding the current market value of your home or would like to see what the current inventory looks like, please go to my website: or contact me by e-mail:


Canyon County Real Estate Statistics -September 2012

Below are the Canyon County real estate statistics for September 2012. Data is from the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service with the numbers reflecting available, pending, and sold, single family/single family with acreage. Canyon County consists of Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton and surrounding areas.

Canyon County September Market Statistics

Available Homes

# Available: 974                    

# Vacant: 493 (51%)

# Short Sale: 273 (28%)

# Bank Owned: 36 (4%)

Median Asking Price: $131,145


Pending Sales

# Pending: 468

Median Asking Price: $108,400


Closed Sales – September 2011

# Closed: 260

# Short Sale: 67 (26%)

# Bank Owned: 111 (43%)

Median Sales Price: $79,500

Median Days on Market: 49

Closed Sales– September 2012

# Closed: 260

# Short Sale: 56 (21%)

# Bank Owned: 49 (19%)

Median Sales Price: $104,716

Median Days on Market: 28


Where is the market heading?

September’s real estate numbers seem to indicate that the market has settled down quite a bit since our crazy spring. We are no longer seeing prices increasing at almost $2K -$3K a week. I feel the leveling off is healthy since the economy locally could not support the rapid increase. I realize for many, the current prices are still lower than when they bought. That is unfortunate but we can not afford to see another bubble so soon after the last one when we are still recovering from it!

An interesting item that I noticed when gathering my statistics for this past month was the List Price to Sales Price (median). List Price is what the seller lists the home for and the sales price is what it actually sells for. For Canyon County LP/SP was 100+ percent (LP-$104,250/ SP-$104,716). In Nampa it was 100+ percent (LP- $108,500/ SP- $108,900)and in Caldwell it was at 101 percent (LP- $100,961/SP-$102,000).

Even though prices are leveling off and will more than likely remain flat for a few months, my gut tells me that we are going to see another surge in activity and prices come spring.

 If you would like to know what your home is possibly worth in this current market, please contact me through my website:

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