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First Time Home Buyers- Rent vs. Own

Hello, home buyers! Especially you first time home buyers! It is one of the best times historically to buy a home right now in the Boise area. Interest rates are very low with an FHA loan coming in at 3.75% and only 3.5% of the purchase price required as a down payment. Even better news, credit score minimums have been lowered to 600! Top all this off with home prices that are at historical lows as well.

So if you are currently renting, you can probably afford to own. (Please keep in mind that these homes are all located in Boise, Idaho.) Let me show you some examples:

If your rent is between $695-$799 a month,  you can afford to own this home:

This home is only $139.9K and is a 3 bed/2.5 bath, 1470 sq. ft. home. If your rent is between $695-$799 a month you can afford a home between $120K and $149K!


If your rent is between $800 -$899 a month, you can afford to own this home:

This is a brand new home in southeast Boise and is only $171,400. It is a 1590 sq ft home with 3 bed/2.5 bathrooms with all the bells and whistles.


If your rent is between $900-$1000+ a month,  you can afford to own this home:

This new home by Stetson Builders is only $189.9K! It is beautifully done and has 1715 sq. ft with 4 bed/2.5 baths.


After seeing these homes, do you still think it is better to rent than own? Keep in mind these are just some of the homes that you can afford to buy in the Boise area right now.  There are many to choose from and if you go to my web site you can use the mortgage calculator to see how much you can afford and from there you can use the MLS, Quick Search, or My Dream Home functions to find a property that will meet your search criteria. There is no sign in, so feel free to browse as long a s you like! I just ask that when you are ready to purchase, you give me a call!

My web site is:

or contact me with any questions you have about getting started:

Meridan Real Estate Listings for Under $140K!!!

Home buyers looking to get a great deal in the Meridian, Idaho real estate market take a look at the following homes:

Meridian home for $100K!

This is a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home! What a deal?!! MLS#98462722


This one is for $110K in Meridian, Idaho! MLS#98453929

This is a great house for the money! MLS#98453929


Home for just$120K!!! Meridian, Idaho

This is a really great deal in Meridian, ID! MLS#98459675


Look at this!!! $130K in Meridian, Idaho

This home is absolutley gorgeous! MLS#98444593


Can you believe it! Only $140K in Meridian, Idaho!

This is an unbelievable price at $140K! MLS#98463035


If you are paying rent in the range of $575 – $825 a month then one of these homes could be yours! The deals are still out there and the interest rates are still low! If you want to see additional pictures and information about  these homes, please go to my website (no sign up required) : and plug in the MLS #. Contact me if you would like information on any home in the Boise Multiple Listing area. Are you ready to change your address?

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